With so many mobile phones to choose from, ranging from very basic to the amazingly clever, the choices are seemingly endless. Here are a few things you may want to think about when looking for a new mobile that suits you.

Start with your reason for having one. Is it...

• Just for making and receiving calls? 
• Also for text or picture messaging?
• For taking photos?
• For acessing e-mail and the Internet?

Previous experience

If you’ve had a mobile phone before, think about what you did and didn’t like about it:
 Did it feel too fragile, or need frequent charging?
• Was it hard to hear it clearly or to read the display?
• Did you often press two keys at a time because they were too small and too close together?

Features and functions

Decide which features and functions you will use often:
 Do you want to set reminders or wake-up alarms?
• What about playing games or listening to radio?
• If you use a hearing aid you may want to check the phone’s HAC rating; M3/T3 or higher is best.


Choose a style that appeals to you: 
• A bar style phone has that classic mobile ‘look’. 
• A slider or clamshell mobile phone has a somewhat larger display and hides the keypad to prevent accidental calls. 
• A smartphone offers an even larger display for reading e-mail and exploring the Internet.


Having a price range in mind helps narrow the choices. If you’re on a strict budget you should keep in mind that there may be other costs associated with the phone you buy besides the choice of operator and calling plan:
• Check if you need other accessories such as a protective case, charging cradle, etc. 
• Phones used to access e-mail and the Internet may be subject to additional charges for data traffic.